Premium Quality HP Printer Cartridges

HP Cartridge Shop has been founded with a motto to sell Quality HP Cartridges at Low Price. The cartridge shop does not only sell lowest price cartridges but rather sells quality cartridges at low price. The Online HPCartridgeShop is where high quality and cheap price come together to give our customers 100% printing satisfaction. The HP cartridge store sells both original and remanufactured cartridges. In the era when the market for HP printer cartridges has flooded with poor quality compatible cartridges, we are very proud that we do not cut corners when it comes to selling remanufactured cartridges and maintain the high standard of our cartridges. We have not succumbed to the market that is full of compatible cartridges made with poor quality inks and toners and reused components. Such cartridges are sold cheaper but offer poor quality and reliability in printing. Our cartridges, on the other hand, are premium grade HP printer cartridges that meet all safety standards. The cartridges are recycled and remanufactured with highest of standards. In our HP printer cartridges, brand new components are used inside the products to keep the utmost quality and reliability of HP toners and HP inks. The quality printer toners are made by using the empty core of original cartridges when they run out of toner. These empty cartridges are thoroughly tested by machine for any breaks or cracks. Only suitable ones are used after being vacuum cleaned. The essential components such as magnetic tape, OPC are replaced with new components. The Cartridges are filled with fine toner and ink and then sealed with the highest care. Our HP Toner Cartridges and HP Ink Cartridges go through rigorous quality checks before they are ready to be supplied to our customers. We ensure that our entire reassembling process is closely matched with OEM specifications so that the cartridges work in sync with the HP printers. The skeletons used are from original makers and other reassembling parts used are of high quality, thus, the performance of the remanufactured cartridges meet the standard of their genuine cartridge counterparts. Despite maintaining the highest quality and selling the printer cartridges with 1 year shelf life, HP Cartridge Shop also gives 6 months free replacement guarantee if there is any fault in the products as we know that we deal with technologies and customers need full peace of mind. In the event that HP cartridges provided by us damage your printer/photocopier, our engineer will visit to repair your printers free of cost or replace the damaged products if deemed necessary (provided that there is evidence that the damage is caused by our products). So, you can buy HP Pinter Cartridges with confidence from HPCartridgeShop and enjoy quality printing. Please read our blog ‘Is Buying Remanufactured Cartridges Legal?’ if you want to know more before finally purchasing remanufactured HP cartridges.